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Hooping Artist Joe Chatsis lives in Vancouver and is from the Cree First Nations. He does hooping dance to the beat of the Pow Wow drum. John Sam will be his accompaniment at the Killarney Art Carnivale on July 8th, with some Pow Wow singers.

This is Joe at the Hastings Community space performing with his hoops as part of #culturesaveslives in the DTES. With his different formations he can do up to 21 hoops! This is quite the accomplishment. He wears hooping regalia and here he is teaching Randi Obenauer. The Killarney Community is looking forward to learning a few moves from Joe.

This is Joe performing at the Oppenheimer Park Community space on Powell street.

Photos By: Randi Obenauer



Fresh Roots grows more than gardens, they grow communities! Killarney centre is excited to announce Fresh Roots Urban farmers coming to the Art Carnivale and bringing their special Pizza Oven. With their fresh ingredients the community members will make their own pizzas by donation.

You can learn more about Fresh Roots initiatives and programs at

Fresh Roots (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada): Fresh Roots cultivates school gardens and provides food education at schools across Vancouver to catalyze healthy eating, ecological awareness, and community building. They turn school gardens into educational sites, where they facilitate experiential lessons on food, nutrition, and farming; mentor youth through garden clubs and summer programs; host internships for high school students; and empower students to grow their own food.


We are honored to have the Git Hayetsk Dancers to come share a performance with the Killarney Community at the Art Carnivale on July 8th, 2017.

Git Hayetsk means “people of the copper shield” in Sm’algya̱x, the language spoken by the Nisga’a, Tsimshian, and Gitxsan Nations. The copper shield is the highest form of ceremonial wealth shared among their people as well as other First Nations along the Northwest Coast.

Their dancers are bonded by their connections to the Sm’algya̱x speaking peoples with distinction in their family ties to the many other Nations in Northern British Columbia, the Yukon, and Southeast Alaska. Since 1999, they have shared their songs and dances at ceremonial and public events in urban and rural communities through Canada, the US, and abroad including Austria, Malaysia, Germany, and Japan.

The Git Hayetsk Dancers are an internationally renowned dance group led in partnership by artist and carver Mike Dangeli of the Nisga’a, Tsimshian, Tlingit, and Tsetsaut N…

Bunting Flags in Killarney Community Centre

With summer just around the corner we hung the flags in the lobby of Killarney Community Centre this week. The Summer Art Carnivale will be on July 8th and all the bunting flags will be on the field, but until then we can enjoy them in the centre. They are so colourful and fun, they look magical!! As the children were coming out of preschool they started to notice and were excited.
Here is the hallway in the lobby looking all festive. Thank you to everyone that participated. We completed 4 long bunting flags of 10m and then there are some smaller lengths for the day of the event, and we are still sewing! See you at the Carnivale! Above is a photo of the first bunting flag we made 10m long with the old parachute fabric, and below is the long flag banner that we made also with the parachute fabric. The beautiful poster is ready for the Summer Art Carnivale. You will also see it on the front of the Summer 2017 program guide.

Youth and Sewing Club - Last touches on the Bunting Flags

On Saturday June 3rd Some of the Youth from Killarney helped to cut more triangles, iron and pin them onto the bias tape. We brought in EartHand's artist Rebecca to help us with the big banner and finish some more bunting flags. Here is a few photos of us hard at work.

On June 7th the Seniors Sewing group helped the project by sewing all the triangles that the children painted from the After School kids club with Kitty. Also they made us more bias tape for the project. All the triangles that we made with the youth also were pinned onto the bias tape they made and they sewed all the strips so that we could hang them in the lobby.

 They had 5 sewing machines on the go at once and all the beautiful flags are now ready for hanging.